Thursday, 2 January 2014

Hi all ,

I'm back!!

So it's been over a year since I last wrote , 2013 was an eventful year in more ways than one, lots of lows and a few highs . I lost all my mojo for blogging and felt I had nothing worth writing about  with good content.

But with the  lows of life came this passion for exercise and most of all running , it helped clear my mind .... Lifted my spirits and felt like  I was having therapy with every mile I took..... Now  no way was I any kind of gym bunny before,   I was more a  I've done 2 hours of walking round shopping that's my exercise kinda gal!!  But I've gone from not been able to manage half a mile back this time last year to completing one of my greatest achievements  and thats running the the greatBirmingham   bupa run back in October last year...... I managed a whole  half marathon  !!!something I never ever believed I would do . The special part was raising money for Birmingham children's hospital  as a thank you for all the treatment and ongoing treatment my nephew received  and is receiving still .

I've come back because I feel more positive than I've ever felt , I want to continue on with my love for all things girly and  of course  my love for makeup is still very much their but I also wanted to document my 2014 , this includes my running  , exercise, lifestyle changes  and diet.

Hope you enjoy my journey with me , it's gonna be written more as a diary then  something formal .

Happy 2014 everyone

Sunday, 16 December 2012

My new fave everyday go to lipstick

Hey my lovely's

As I've mentioned in older posts i love red lipstick, but for some unknown reason i always felt very self conscience wearing it. I've never been one of those wow look at me kind of people,  so i feel having something so bright on my lips may draw attention to me....which i hate!!!

That's where my new fave lip colour comes in .....

This is a MUA lipstick in shade 3. I absolutely love this shade, i can only describe it like a raspberry red colour. I feel this colour is great for me as i love the red tones but this is a more pinkish red, so i find it very easy to wear.

I'm also loving the formulation for these lipstick, they glide on beautifully, very pigmented and staying power is very good , i still had colour on my lips after 4 hours that included eating and drinking.

These MUA lipsticks are a steal at £1 each. They are a deffo for any beauty lover on a budget. MUA lipsticks come in 16 fab shades and theirs a colour to suit everyone see here ......I'm loving my shade 3 for that perfect winter/xmas look.

To ensure my lips are nourished and in great condition ready to apply my MUA lipstick, I'm loving using my NIVEA soft rose lip balm. Before i start my makeup i apply this to my lips, so its sinking in nicely as i apply the rest of my makeup.  Finally then my  lips are then ready for me to add my lipstick at the end to achieve that pervect lipstick look.

The NIVEA soft rose lip balm was also £1 making my new fave lip routine "Cheap As Chips" at £2.....That i love !!

What are your fave MUA lip colours?

They are available at Superdrug or online Shop MUA

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                                          Clair xx

Friday, 14 December 2012

Just for fun....elf makeup

In yesterdays post my last question in the tag post was what would be my elf name which came up as Buckingham sandy (fave Xmas nail polish +first pets name ) got me thinking , what i think id look like as an elf...strange??( slightly ha ha )

So i decided to get creative with my makeup and  give my spin on what i would look like as an elf.......and if i cant reveal my inner elf this time of year when can i??

So their you have it , what i imagine myself to look like as an elf .
Products i used~

Stila oil free tinted moisturiser spf30
GOSH quattro eye shadow palette ~angel dust
HD brows palette i used carbon for both brows and eyeliner
MUA single shadow shade 1 pearl
W7  The cheek of it blush  in pink champagne
eyeko eyeliner
Rimmel London Glam eyes liquid liner also used this on lashes
COLLECTION 2000 lasting perfection 16 hour wear concealer in shade 1 fair
Benefit high beam
colourmatix lip liner pencil in soft pink used for whole lip
clear lip gloss
Brushes ~real techniques and e.l.f (eyes.lips.face)

I really enjoyed creating this look, , cause its obviously so different to any other make up look  Ive ever done or wore.

hope you liked?, what do you imagine you would look like as an to see your make up looks.

                                         Clair xx

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Thursday, 13 December 2012

The christmas tag

1)Whats your favourite Christmas nail polish?

I haven't got a favourite Christmas nail polish, but looking through my collection the best one id say would suit the festive season well( apart from my numerous amounts of red ones i have) is  a nails inc one i have in  shade Buckingham street ...this is so amazingly sparkly and great for that festive look.

                                                   (photo took from google images)
2)Whats your favourite Christmas movie?

My favourite Christmas film of all time has to be "Santa Claus the movie" , i absolutely love this film to me its never grew old. I have my own children loving it now!......i love how it takes me back to being 7 again and gets me all excited. A deffo for Christmas eve  with snacks , hot choc and cream. (roll on 11 days)

3)Share your favourite winter accessory?

Ive gotta say my fave winter accessory has to be a scarf....i love them!! theirs so many styles,fabrics ....i also  think as well, a scarf can really finish off an outfit making it really stylish if worked right.

4)Describe or show your favourite Christmas decoration?

My favourite Christmas decoration has to be my new white heart. My husband and 1 have been married 14 months.  This is our second Christmas as husband and wife , each year we are gonna buy a heart decoratin to symbolise another year of marriage. (imagine our tree in 50 years time ha )

                                                                     (our second heart)
5)If you could have one wish come true this year what would it be?

My  wish this year has already come true....this will be the first Christmas spent with my mum for Christmas dinner since I've been about 24 years ago this makes me very happ. :) 

                        (not Xmas related but me and my lovely mum xx)
6)So if you could kiss one celeb under the mistletoe , who would it be?

MMMmmm let me i don't have to Danny Dyer every time his my guilty pleasure.

7)What keeps you going during the holi-daze (Xmas)?

My children!!.....Xmas is magical but even more so when you become a parent.Christmas day  is one big filled day of excitement and the days leading to it.....and if I'm not joining in the festive fun with them , i am trying to keep my house in order. 4 children, 4 lots of wrapping paper for lots of toy just imagine toys r us toy explosion that's my house.....but its magical and i love it :)

                                               my children's prezzies last year.................
8)How do you celebrate Christmas with your family?

In my family their has never been any set family tradition, i usually spend Christmas day with my hubby, children , sister and niece at her house to have dinner... but it changes every few years.This year we are all going out as a family to have our dinner i cant wait. I believe Christmas is about family and togetherness so Christmas this year is really special to me, im really looking forward to it .

9)Favourite Christmas song?

My fave Xmas song has to be Maria Carey all i want for Christmas. When this song comes on the radio i just know its the start of the festive season.

10) Show a childhood photo of you at Xmas?

I don't have any childhood photos of me at Christmas's ,here's  one of my youngest on Xmas day 2009 just 21 days old....isn't she a cutie !!!

11)Whats your favourite winter candle scent?

A scent i really love in a candle in winter is Christmas eve by Yankee candle. This smells like Cinnamon and spice and all things festive  .....i love burning this at night when I'm all chilled in my pj's.

                                                        (picture taken from google images)
12) Whats your favourite Christmas candy?
I don't really have a favourite candy at Christmas, I'm a piggy i love everything sweet that's around on Christmas day......and am slightly naughty as if the children have chrunchie in their selection box's mummy has to have them SSssshhh!! 

13)Whats your elf name (favourite nail polish +name of first pet)?

Well the nail polish was Buckingham Street and my first pet was my dog called Sandy..........Buckingham Sandy :/

So that's the Christmas/Holiday tag.

Why don't you give it a go??

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                                         Clair xx


Sunday, 9 December 2012

Blogmas festive nails.....yayyyy for the perfect red!!

For the last year I've been enjoying having acrylic nails , but knowing my nails deserved a well needed break to breath i had them soaked off. This is when i discovered my love for nail polishes again.... and I really am a lover of nails inc polishes...i think the formulation is lovely,the brush glides on to the nail bed lovely and the colour is true to the bottle with great staying power.

Tonight i decided to let my nails join in on the festive season and painted them a gorgeous red from  nails inc  called Villiers Street ....This colour is a perfect Christmas red, its goes on to the nail in one coat and looks metallic with fine glitter, its beautiful!!!

I'm now on the hunt for the perfect red glitter polish...any recommendations??

What are your favourite reds?

                                          Clair xx

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Friday, 7 December 2012

Five Fab Friday Faves

Hi their my lovelys, so blogmas took a back seat as i haven't recovered as quick has i hoped or have i felt as good i suppose as id liked, so have decided will carry on with Xmas blogs but not blogmas as i don't want to put any extra pressure on myself and that then take the sparkle out of blogging which i thoroughly enjoy .

So to start me back as its Friday i thought id do my FIVE fAB FRIDAY FAVES....

1) Firstly i was so grateful to be nominated for a liebster award from the lovely  Fiona from LA BELLE DAME SANS MERCI click here....their will be more info on this and a separate blogpost where i will talk all about this and nominate people myself :) thank you Fiona xx

2) This week I've really enjoyed reading, its something that i love doing but don't have the time to do with having my kiddies. So when i got my hands on Chloe Sim's the only way is up....i couldn't wait to start it ...i read this in hours through the night in hospital...what a fab read,deffo recommend to anyone  who loves a bit of Towie ...even passed it to another woman in hospital that read it super quick to  "it's that good!"

3)So i have not been really in the mood for putting my face on each morning, but whats making me feel that bit nicer at the minute is smelling lovely. I've really been enjoying Thomas Sabo GLAM'N SOLE...its so fresh. Thomas Sabo are known for their beautiful charmed bracelets but check this fragrance out its lovely.

4)moisturisers loving all kinds at the minute... but my fave has to be , simple kind to skin intensive hand cream, i really suffer with dry skin especially this time of year.This moisturisers is fab makes my hands feel soft and nourished for a good while without feeling slippy and greasy and only £2.55 for 100ml.

5) Kindness  I've been over whelmed with kindness this week from family, friends and even strangers...its renewed my faith in people......I've had so many people pull together to help me out and lots of get well wishes, from people that don't even know me so thank you thank you thank you , im on the mend and doing well :).

Whats been your faves this week?

Sorry i have not been blogging like i said, but health is certainly more important.

Don't forget you can enter my blog give away to win some fab goodies this is open till Xmas...good luck xx

                                         Clair xx

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Friday, 30 November 2012

Fab Five Friday Faves

So my lovely's, its Friday again which can only mean one thing my five faves of this week.

1) Well the last few weeks have been difficult for me with my dad battling heart problems and my daughter being admitted to hospital. My body's taken a battering  with stress and lack of sleep, my super saver from all these  has had to be  my Collection 2000 lasting perfection 16 hour wear concealer in fair, this is a fab product to conceal my horrid shadow's  under my eyes and also the horrid stress break outs that I've had, this has to be my fave product this week.

2) I love mascara's and am always chopping and changing every few weeks, so when i dug my Nouveau lashes mascara  in black out my makeup bag i rediscovered how much i love this mascara. One coat and they are good to go (don't you just love that feeling when  you rediscover a product again?)

3) Ive mentioned in my blogs my excitement for Xmas is huge, so I'm loving everything festive i wanted to include my favourite buy of the week this really cute very glittery metal and plastic Crystal effect Christmas tree, i lurveeee it so much....

How adorable is this glitter tree, who said Xmas cant be girly!! and even better a bargain at £1...yes £1.

4) my make shift make up brush holder, when me and my hubby went away for our anniversary we were given champagne and glasses at our hotel we were told we could keep the i decided this week to use them to keep my make up brushes in ....Their perfect for what i need as hold perfectly the brushes i use (and every time i look at them i have fab memories to awww)

5) So everyone loves a good winter nail polish...this week I'm loving nails inc in colour regents palace. This is  a beautiful deep purple colour and is a fab shade for this season these nail polishes also have great staying power to.
What are your favourite's this this week? 

 So tomorrows December which can only mean one thing.... blogging everyday till Xmas day :)

hope your all having a fab week xx

                                      Clair xxx

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